GolfBand to help condition and maintain your swing

GolfBand, designed to improve your balance and stability, looks to give any level golfer a controlled, consistent swing


GolfBand, a training aid for golfers of all levels, has been

released just in time for Christmas.

The band looks to help improve the balance and stability of the golfer, providing a more controlled, consistent swing.

At only £14.99, GolfBand eliminates the need for costly gym

memberships or visits to the practice range. The product is available in three different, colour-coded strengths to cater to the needs of the individual golfer: medium, strong and extra-strong.

GolfBand comes with the band strength of the buyer's choice, an instruction booklet with diverse exercises and a small, plastic pack that can be stored in a golf bag for trips to the course.

The booklet contains numerous exercises and stretches from the locker room to the first tee to the practice range and conditioning, all to help perfect and maintain your swing.

The product is a collaboration between resistance technology experts and PGA Tour professional Ian Dudman.

Dudman, said: "Watching the likes of Jimenez and Darren Clarke at The Open, it's apparent stretching and warm-up exercises are becoming far more commonplace in the game. That being said, the majority of products on the market are very one-dimensional compared to GolfBand."

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