Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge

Our verdict on the new RTX ZipCore wedge from Cleveland

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

The RTX ZipCore is a surprisingly user-friendly muscleback wedge that puts control at the heart of the performance, while the sole grinds ensure golfers have the versatility to play the shots that come most comfortable to them around the greens.

Reasons to buy
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    A high-spinning, soft-feeling wedge that looks the part and is surprisingly forgiving on full shots. Lofts of loft and grind options to master different shots around the green.

Reasons to avoid
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    Better players may want to see a straighter leading edge. Fewer sole grinds compared with the outgoing RTX-4.

In this Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge review, Joel Tadman gives them a thorough test to see how they perform in different situations around the green

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge Review

Cleveland now offers three wedge models and the RTX ZipCore is the one designed for the lowest handicaps. You can read more about the new technology here.


It boasts a muscleback design and consequently offers the softest feel of the three models, with the repositioning of the CG ensuring it still feels solid and stable.


At address, we certainly noticed the two extra grooves on the face and if anything this enhanced our confidence and alignment. Traditional in shape, progressing from iron-like in the lower lofts to being more rounded in the higher lofts. Some might want to see a straighter leading edge but the tour satin finish oozes class.

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The raised section at the top of the wedge is well hidden, so it still displays a thin topline that better players will enjoy.


We tested a couple of different options but it was the 54° in the Mid sole grind that really stood out. It has the trailing edge relief that allowed us to manipulate the face to produce different flights while keeping the leading edge down but still maintaining the dynamic bounce required to stop it from digging excessively.

Whichever shot you choose to play, one thing you’re guaranteed of is high levels of spin. Our testing on the Foresight Sports GCQuad against other current wedges showed that from a variety of distances the RTX ZipCore is one of the highest-spinning wedges around.


Full shots didn’t balloon through the air in spite of the high spin levels and distance control was very consistent, even when the strike wasn’t as centred as we’d have liked. Combine this with the soft yet solid feel and the RTX ZipCore is one of the most comprehensive wedge offerings of 2020 and offers excellent value for money coming in under £140.