The clever design keeps your clubs protected without adding significant weight.

Protect Your Clubs With The Big Max Spine

We have all felt that anxiety and nervousness before travelling on a golfing holiday. The whole experience is an absolute minefield of worry in terms of getting gear to the airport, the strategic weight allowances and making sure we do not miss our flight.

But the worst worry of all is checking our clubs in and getting them back damaged for whatever reason. After all, we have given away our hard-earned money to pay for our sticks and here we are handing them off to an airline who don’t know they are your pride and joy.

But help is at hand for you and it comes from BIG MAX. The new Spine (pictured above) is an extendable rigid support that sits in a golf bag and extends above the height of the longest club. The sturdy octagonal cap pushes into the top of any model travel cover while the lightweight extendable aluminium tubing supports the bag, creating clear space between the clubs and the top of the cover and adding virtually no weight to the overall total.

BIG MAX has been developing its trolleys, cart bags and travel covers for years now and the Spine is their latest innovation designed to keep your clubs safe and sound from all manner of treatment.

The Spine will cost £29.99.

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