The Big Max Double Decker Travel Cover allows you to store all your gear, clothes and shoes in one bag using separate compartments

Big Max, Europe’s most owned push trolley brand, is aiming its latest innovation firmly at the travelling golfer.

The Big Max Double Decker travel cover reduces costs on every trip and takes all the hassle out of pulling multiple bags through airports to your sunny golfing getaway.

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The Double Decker, as the name suggests, doubles up on the space available in a traditional golf travel cover.

With one side dedicated to a closed compartment for a full set of clubs and the other housing three separate sections for all the gear you’d need for a short trip abroad, the Double Decker is the only bag that you need to take on your travels.

Big Max Double Decker

With charges for travelling with a golf bag ranging up to £60 and hold luggage topping out at £34 for 20kg on budget airlines, a few days in the Algarve or Marbella can soon see the costs mounting up.

Big Max UK Managing Director Ian Waddicar commented, “The Double Decker just makes golf travel easier.

“It takes away the hassle of travelling with multiple bags and saves money on every trip.

Big Max Double Decker

“It has all the quality you’d expect from Big Max and is a great addition to any travelling golfer’s gear.”

Inside the bag compartment are internal fixings that add to the security of the clubs in transit.

Smooth running ball bearing skate wheels, robust handles on top and front and strong supports on the back of the cover all add to the easy pull of the Double Decker.

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Three packing compartments are separated to avoid transfer of dirt from shoes or clubs to clothes and the whole cover is finished off with MAX guard protection for added durability.

With these practical features and innovative design travelling golfers will never have to take two bags onto the plane ever again.

SRP: £119.99