Benross HTX Compressor Club Range Launched - This affordable new range comes with new technologies in two versions to help a wide range of budget-concious golfers improve their games

Benross HTX Compressor Club Range Launched

British-based Benross prides itself on making high performance golf clubs made of quality components affordable for the everyday golfer and this trend continues with the launch of the HTX Compressor range of woods and irons for 2017, which replaces the HTX line.

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All the clubs come in either a larger, more forgiving standard version or a more compact and workable Type-R version designed for lower handicap players.

The HTX Compressor driver incorporates a new Compressor Technology Response Channel, which helps to increase ball speed across the entire face. Heel and toe weight cells are used to maximise Moment of Inertia (MOI), enhancing forgiveness. The Centre of Gravity (CG) is positioned toward the back of the head to help increase launch angle.


In the HTX Compressor Type R driver, an innovative Vacuum Casting process has allowed Benross engineers to create an extremely thin crown, moving CG to a low and forward position, creating less spin and a more penetrating ball flight. As well as featuring the Compressor Technology Response Channel, this better player driver boasts an R-Flight Rail, which allows the user to adjust launch, spin and shot shape to achieve the desired ball flight.

It is fitted with a premium Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black TiNi shaft and also has an adjustable hosel +/- 1.5 deg loft and face angle.

Both the HTX Compressor Fairway and Hybrid is manufactured using heat treated Stainless Steel to increase ball speed at impact. The design incorporates the new innovative Compressor Technology Response Channel, which will maximise the ball speed from the entire face.

Benross HTX Compressor-woods

The HTX Compressor Type R fairway is Benross’ first adjustable fairway wood, with an eight-way adjustable hosel allowing the user to vary the loft by +/-1.5° in 0.75° increments. The HTX Compressor Type-R hybrid is also adjustable by +/- 1.5˚ and boasts a Fluid Dynamic Design Heel to reduce drag for increased clubhead speed.

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Finally, the Benross HTX Compressor Iron features a Cavity Dampener to improve the feel at impact. A deep cavity and optimal heel/toe weighting results in a high launching, ultra-forgiving head. The irons are available with KBS Tour 90 or  Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage graphite shafts as standard.


The HTX Compressor Type R Iron incorporates an innovative heat treated Cup Face that produces the best ever Characteristic Time (spring-like effect) performance of any Benross iron.

Specs and Prices

HTX Compressor driver – RRP £149.99 in lofts 10˚, 12.5˚ and 14˚.
HTX Compressor Type-R driver – RRP £199.99 in lofts 10.5˚ adjustable.
HTX Compressor fairway wood – RRP £99.99 in lofts 15˚ and 19˚.
HTX Compressor Type-R fairway wood – RRP £119.99 in 15˚ adjustable.
HTX Compressor Hybrid – RRP £89.99 in lofts 20˚, 23.5˚, 27˚ and 32˚.
HTX Compressor Type-R Hybrid – RRP £99.99 in lofts 20˚and 24˚ adjustable.
HTX Compressor irons – RRP £349.99 steel, £419.99 graphite (5-GW)
HTX Compressor Type-R irons- RRP £419.99 steel, £489.99 graphite (4-PW).