In a recent blog about one or two long game problems I wrote about my SOS calls to Mizuno and Ping. I’ve already told you about the Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 2-iron now in my bag, but what about my new Ping G10 3-wood and Ping Rapture V2 hybrid?

For some time I’ve been flitting between a Ping G10 3-wood with the stock TFC shaft and a Ping G5 3-wood with an Aldila NV shaft. Aside from head size issues – I prefer the G10 off the deck and the G5 off the tee – I’ve been seeking some middle ground between the two shafts. With the TFC I’ve been tending to hook it when the swing gets a bit quick under pressure, while I’ve always found the NV a little stiff which means my distance suffers when my timing’s out.

All I wanted, therefore, was a G10 with a shaft less likely to go left under pressure yet not cost me too many yards. Was I asking too much? Apparently not. My new weapon arrived fitted with a Mitsubishi Rayon JAVLN shaft that Ping’s boffins had calculated would satisfy my demands. I can report that as of today’s date it hasn’t cost me a single hook-to-oblivion nor any noticeable distance.

As for the Ping Rapture V2 hybrid, I now have a 17 degree model with the same JAVLN shaft, and early indications are that this is a powerful and highly playable club from tee or fairway, though I’ve yet to see how playable the largish head and stongish loft are from the rough.

My next dilemma? To accommodate all three new clubs, I’m going to have to drop something. But what? In my first round I left the 3-iron out, thus going driver, 3-wood, 2-iron, 17 degree hybrid, 4-iron, but I’m not convinced that’s the answer.

Any suggestions gratefully received!