Wilson Staff HB5 £79(s), £99(g)


Metallic grey head with long face and raised central sole area.


Much of the clubhead weight is centred behind the impact zone for solid feel and greater potential distance. The Nanotech shaft offers increased torsional stability and greater resistance to twisting and better, straighter results on mis-hits. Lofts available: 17, 21, 25 and 29 degrees.


The ball flies well from the face even if contact feels a little dead. The leading edge certainly makes you believe that you?re going to have no trouble getting to the back of the ball.


The Staff HB5 is quite a heavy club and the aesthetics of the head take a bit of getting used to. Once you acclimatise you will achieve some solid striking from the middle of the face and impressive forgiveness if you just miss the sweetspot.