As we start a new golfing year, it’s time to turn our attention to new golf equipment on the market and there have been some massive new launches, with the TaylorMade R11S driver at the centre of some super new releases.

The TaylorMade R11S driver provides even more adjustability. It’s an evolution from the original technology rather than a complete redesign, no surprise given the massive success of the first all-white TaylorMade R11 driver.

You could say TaylorMade took a risk with the white/black colour scheme last year, but the way it was received means it was an obvious choice again for 2012.

Current TaylorMade R11 driver owners are unlikely to upgrade to the TaylorMade R11S driver, but anyone looking to update an older model will find a driver that, with the right shaft and set-up, will suit any golfer’s swing.

The price of the TaylorMade R11S driver at £349 sits at the top end of of the market, but this is a driver that can change with your game and the conditions you are faced with, and so should be a long-term investment.

We’ll have more reviews, video reviews, pictures and blogs, online and in Golf Monthly magazine in the coming weeks and months.

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