Refresh your game for 2014!

Hone your game this winter and fix your swing faults ahead of the new season with Golf Monthly’s Winter Golf Tips App in association with Galvin Green.

We’ve recently added another content pack – called M.O.T. Your Game – to the free-to-download iTunes and Android app, designed to get you playing your best golf.

In the new videos, Challenge Tour player and Galvin Green staff player Oliver Whiteley gives a range of useful tips and drills to help improve your game ahead of the new season.

The three new videos are supplemented by six other content sections to get you ready for the season ahead.

Fix your fundamentals:

A large number of flaws in the golf swing stem from basics, such as grip, ball position and posture.

Oliver gives a refresher in how to conquer the basics and offers some drills to help you get in good positions early on in the golf swing.

Cure your slice:

Oliver gives his tips on how to banish one of golf’s most common afflictions with his step-by-step slice-curing guide.

Swing plane:

With numerous golf courses closed over Christmas and bad weather reigning down on the UK, your swing is bound to have become rusty this winter.

Use these simple drills to ensure your swing gets back on the right swing plane as your new golfing season gets underway.

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