What Are The Best Second Hand Golf Clubs?

It might not be definitive, but there are some things to be aware of when looking for the best second-hand golf clubs. Dean Cracknell from Golf Clubs 4 Cash explains what you need to know

A Ping Eye 2 wedge at Golf Clubs 4 Cash in Edinburgh
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While it’s impossible to definitively determine what the best second-hand golf clubs are, if you’re on the lookout, there are some things worth remembering if you want to get the best deal possible.

First of all, you need to do all you can to ensure the item you’re buying is genuine, as the market is rife with counterfeits. But it isn’t easy, as Dean Cracknell, industry expert and Head of Marketing at Golf Clubs 4 Cash, explained to us. 

He said: “We’re incredibly vigilant about the counterfeit market but I think there are enough variables for us to determine whether it's genuine. When we receive equipment, and we kind of book it into our inventory, we do go through a process of determining its specifications. 

“We will measure it for length and swing weight and things like that. Total weight is also a good indication of a counterfeit golf club. Quite often they're a lot lighter; the density of the materials they are using are kind of poorer quality.

“And then things like replicating the brand logo is not often the same. Even some of the pantone colours, the colour palette of the brands, be it reds or blues or yellows, they're never exactly the same. But I wouldn't say it's easy.

Each club that comes through the Golf Clubs 4 Cash doors is thoroughly checked to make sure it isn't a counterfeit item

Each club that comes through the Golf Clubs 4 Cash doors is thoroughly checked to make sure it is genuine

(Image credit: Golf Clubs 4 Cash)

“If you're buying through places like Facebook marketplace or Gumtree, there is scope for you to not be buying the genuine article. We've got 30,000 Trustpilot reviews at 4.8 stars, we've got 100,000 eBay five star reviews, so we're a reputable dealer. We put the customer first and above and beyond anything else. 

“So the likes of ourselves and reputable dealers, we have our own integrity to preserve and also we’re qualified to ensure the inventory we buy is genuine. I think it's more about where you buy as opposed to what you buy.”

In addition, it’s also vital to be realistic and manage expectations. And it's in that space where the best second hand clubs can be purchased according to Dean, who admits the big four brands remain popular even with buyers in the pre-owned market.

“I think the best pre-owned golf equipment is typically items where the condition and price - and when I say condition, I mean things like age and product generation sits in there as well - meets the golfer’s needs. For us, one of our fastest-selling brand and product categories is Ping irons. 

“Ping irons have, in a lot of cases, a good amount of residual value. So the golfer selling them gets a fairly good return. But equally, they are a reputable enough brand that people want to buy them and when they see them at a price that is more affordable than new Pings then they tend to sell and turnover quite quickly.

A look at the array of Titleist, TaylorMade, Ping and Callaway clubs that are available to buy at Golf Clubs 4 Cash

The big four brands are still the most popular, even in the second-hand market

(Image credit: Tom Miles)

“It's actually not dissimilar to the retail market for new equipment. Our big four brands are the same big four brands that sell new: TaylorMade woods, Ping irons, Titleist wedges, pretty much the same.”

However, Dean is confident that whatever a golfer is looking for, Golf Clubs 4 Cash will be able to satisfy their needs, whether that be something right up to date like the new TaylorMade Stealth driver, or a more niche product from a bygone era.

“If you name me almost any brand or any product that’s spanned the last 30 years, I would hedge my bets that we have it in stock, certainly at the top end. We've already bought a couple of TaylorMade Stealths. At the lower end, it's less likely that we specific clubs in stock at a given price, but we would have comparable solutions.

Old Nike golf clubs available to buy at Golf Clubs 4 Cash in Edinburgh

Whether you are looking for something new or a club from a bygone era, Golf Clubs 4 Cash will have a solution for you

(Image credit: Tom Miles)

“So we might not have a Benross that retails at £24.99 but we would have a Ben Sayers or a Nicklaus or a MacGregor for £19.99. With 25,000-plus items, we’re confident we can deliver something that the golfer is looking for.”

Find out if Golf Clubs 4 Cash has what you're looking for by heading to their website or by visiting the specialist team at the store in Edinburgh. 

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