The question is asked after Pat Perez hit three spectators in separate occasions at the Genesis Open without shouting fore

Why Don’t All Professional Golfers Shout Fore?

There were many stories from the weekend’s professional action around the world, like a new world number one and a new format, but one story which did emerge was that American Pat Perez doesn’t appear to understand the word ‘fore’.

Perez, playing in the Genesis Open at Riviera, hit a spectator not once, not twice but three times on Sunday – and didn’t shout ‘fore’ once.

Needless to say, it provoked a lot of anger on social media, including this tweet from Shane Lowry:

One of his victims caught the ball square in the head and was left bloodied, before being given the customary signed glove. Is that really good enough?

The word ‘fore’, when used on a golf course, alarms people that a golf ball may be flying towards them, yet certain golfers, most of whom play on the PGA Tour, see their ball flying at pace into the crowd and remain silent.

Sergio Garcia was seen hitting a cameraman earlier in the week at the Genesis Open and it didn’t appear that he shouted fore either.

It has to be said that the European Tour’s players on a whole do seem to be better at shouting fore, and perhaps in the States players give that job to the marshals.

But still, as golfers at the highest level who have played the game for many, many years you would think that shouting fore would come naturally to them.

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R&A Chief Exectuive Martin Slumbers spoke to BBC Sport on the subject, “Putting spectators at potential risk is something that can happen in professional golf when the fairways are lined.

And so, for the players and caddies, it’s only right that they should be shouting ‘fore’ more often.

“I think there are enough people who have the same view as I do across all the tours, who think that the etiquette is extremely important to golf as a game and a product.”

See the videos of Pat Perez’ wayward tee shots below:

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