Golf is a game of many great feelings - but what is the best? Here's what our audience said...


What Is The Best Feeling In Golf?

Golf is a hard game.

You lose more often than you win, with most rounds containing mediocrity, bad shots, bad bounces and bad breaks.

However, all the tough spells we encounter when playing make those good moments absolutely brilliant.

That holed birdie putt brings us back, that perfect bunker shot puts a smile on our face and finding our ball just inside the out of bounds line simply lifts our spirits.

But what is the best feeling in golf?

For me it’s tough to beat turning up at a top 100 course with my mates for a pre-game pint on a sunny patio.

Although saying that, the feeling of finding your ball in the midst of a good round after thinking you’ve lost it is a lovely boost.

Whenever I’m on a good score on the back nine there’s always one or two wayward tee shots and seeing that Pro V1x next to a bush I was sure my ball would be buried in always puts a smile on my face.

We asked our audience for suggestions, with 11-time pro winner Greg Chalmers joking that nothing beats fans direct messaging him abuse after betting on him.

Some said just keeping their ball for 18 holes or just managing to hit the thing somewhere in the right direction were their best feelings.

Others mentioned things away from hitting shots, like that cold pint on the patio after a sun-baked round or walking 18 holes with your children.

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Even things like waking up on a day you know you’re playing golf and the pre-game drive to the course with hope of a good round were some great feelings picked out.

That’s what’s so great about our game and what keeps us coming back – it might be a tough ride but the good times more than make up for the double bogeys and lost balls.

Holes-in-one, chip-ins, comeback match victories, teeing off at a bucket list course, seeing your children improve, that post-game pint, finding a ball you thought you’d lost – there’s an awful lot to love in a round of golf.

Here’s what you said…

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