Denny Lucas currently coaches the young Norwegian but who exactly is he?

Who Is Viktor Hovland’s Coach?

Viktor Hovland already has a PGA Tour victory to his name and currently sees himself inside the world’s top-50 in the golf rankings despite being at what should be the very start of his career.

But who currently coaches the youngster? Let’s take a look below.

Who Is Viktor Hovland’s Coach?

Hovland works with Denny Lucas at the moment. Lucas is a former professional player.

Lucas playing at the New Zealand Open in 2006 (Getty Images)

On Lucas’ website it says; “I started playing golf at the age of 7 and went on to represent England at both the Boys and Mens levels as an amateur. I turned pro at age 19 and played tournaments for 18 years on the European Tour, Challenge Tour, Asian Tour, Australasian Tour, South African (Sunshine) Tour, South American Tour and one Tour event.”

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When he started working with Hovland is unclear but what cannot be denied is the impact Lucas has had on Hovland’s game. Speaking after his 2018 U.S. Amateur victory Hovland said;

“So Thanksgiving break I went to Jupiter and saw my coach, Denny Lucas, and we worked on just trying to get a little shallower angle of attack and get the loft up, and I was hitting really high, or higher for me. For the life of me I couldn’t hit a 3-wood off the deck. It was disgusting to look at.

“But after some work, I managed to kind of hit those high, piercing 3-woods and land them softly on greens. Yeah, that just gave me a lot of confidence with all the other clubs.”

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Lucas’ website also states he places lots of emphasis in his coaching on athletic positions which is definitely the case for Hovland.

One of his most athletic swings is the famous ‘pause’ swing in which Hovland pauses at the top of his backswing then goes further with it before unleashing the downswing. Lucas says Hovland occasionally goes too far at the top but the double pump action works as a great drill to rectify that.

In terms of other coaches, Hovland has worked with Pete Cowen on his short game in the past whilst his performance coach is someone called Kim Røtnes-Jensen.

Hovland also attended Oklahoma State University and would have played under head-coach Alan Bratton whilst there.

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