Top 10 Excuses For Bad Golf Shots
(Image credit: Tom Miles)

We run down the top 10 excuses for bad golf shots covering everything from no sand in the bunker to a gust of wind at the top of the backswing. How many of these have you used?

Top 10 Excuses For Bad Golf Shots

10 “I Hit The Wrong Club”

It was nothing to do with the quality of the strike, honestly! In this instance, you have a wide menu of options to go for. Here are some of the most commonly used:

“I lasered the wrong thing.”

“I knew I had the wrong club.”

“I was between clubs.”

“The yardages on the sprinklers are to the front, not middle.”

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9 “No Sand!”

You have skulled your bunker shot into the face or sent it rocketing over the green. Your technique is clearly not to blame. Instead the obvious excuse is a lack of sand in the bunker. 

No sand in the bunker

8 “Too Much Noise Put Me Off!”

As golfers, most of us are looking for complete silence as we play our shot. If this is broken, we have a ready made excuse for the inevitable disaster that follows!

7 “You Were Standing In The Wrong Place!”

Some golfers are very particular about where their playing partners should stand. Move from your assigned twenty-past-three position and you could find yourself used as an excuse!

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6 “That Gust Of Wind Put Me Off”

As golf is played on a natural landscape, railing against Mother Nature can always seem like you are clutching at straws!

5 “What A Terrible Lie!”

This the most obvious, ‘go-to’ excuse for any golfer. As you are playing on a natural landscape, scrappy lies are a sad reality every golfer needs to face up to. Some are better at taking the less than perfect lies on the chin than others. 

Bad lie

4 “Spike Mark!”

You’ve missed a short putt that bobbled on its journey. It happens to us all and is incredibly frustrating but don’t forget, you are now allowed to tap down spike marks under the rules of golf...

3 “My Foot Slipped!”

A classic excuse. Your playing partners may not have detected it but as far as you’re concerned your last swing was like watching Bambi on ice! 

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2 “Bad Bounce”

Sadly, golf isn’t fair and bad bounces are all part of the experience. The good news is that the rub of the green tends to evens itself out… yeah, right!

1 “The Tee Markers Are Pointing In The Wrong Direction!”

You have just sent your drive sailing off the golf course and into a nearby field. Of course, this had nothing to do with your clubface being 10˚ open at impact and was all down to the position of tee markers.