12 Stupid Mistakes Every Golfer Makes

We count down the 12 stupidest mistakes every golfer makes, so that you don't make them again.

12 Stupid Mistakes Every Golfer Makes

We count down the 12 stupidest mistakes every golfer makes, so that you don't make them again.

12 Stupid Mistakes Every Golfer Makes

As much as we want it to be, golf is not a game of perfect. Each and every one of us makes mistakes, so bearing this in mind we have created this video and post to count down 12 of the stupidest mistakes every golfer makes, to make sure you stop making them.

If there are any mistakes you think we have missed, let us know through our social media channels.

1. Getting the wrong yardage from the fairway

This relates to yardages you get from sprinkler heads, of which most clubs have these days. The issue here is where are these yardages to? The front? The middle? Knowing this is imperative before you hit your shot.

2. Don't get too cute with your recovery shot

If you have short-sided yourself in a bunker for example, the issue here is leaving the ball in the bunker as you try to play the perfect shot to get close to the pin. Usually this doesn't end well and your score escalates quickly. No, the smart move here is to play safe past the flag, and you never know, you could hole the putt coming back.

3. Rushing a drop after a bad shot

A lot of players become so annoyed after hitting their ball into a ditch that they do not think about the process of dropping a ball for their next shot. But it is vitally important because it could allow you to hit a good or bad recovery shot next time. Simply taking a few extra seconds to think about this could save you making more stupid mistakes dropping the ball.

4. Nonchalantly missing a tap in 

The oldest lesson in the book. If you miss a putt and the ball is close to the hole, do not nonchalantly try and tap it in because you will eventually miss and that is another shot gone.

5. Failing to take into account extra yardage when playing uphill

Do not forget to add on extra yardage when playing uphill. Once you have a yardage it is very easy to play to that number, but the slope will always have an effect on this.

6. Filling out your scorecard incorrectly

If you are playing in an event where you do not tee off from the first, do not fill out your scorecard as if you have teed off from there because you will inevitably make a mistake. This will save you from having to start the whole process again after the round which can be difficult and time consuming.

7. Overestimating how far you hit it

So many golfers do this and two factors could be at play. Number one is ego and number two is that players often measure their yardages at the range where they hit shot after shot from the perfect lie. At the end of the day nobody cares what club you hit, the only thing that matters is how many shots you take so hit the club you are comfortable with.

8. Getting greedy out of fairway bunkers

If you are in a fairway bunker don't get too greedy because leaving it in there or catching the lip is a cardinal sin.

9. Lay up means lay up

A simple but effective piece of advice. Take the trouble out of play by making sure that when you lay up, you are actually laying up.

10. Getting the right line on a putt, but getting the pace wrong

When putting we often get so engrossed with reading the line of a putt that we forget to take into account the pace and speed we need to hit the shot. Blending the line and the speed is imperative to see more putts holed so next time you play don't make this mistake again.

11. Being overambitious with escape shots

Finding yourself in trouble and trying to play the miracle escape shot is a sure fire way to see you run up big scores. Therefore sometimes the best course of action is simply to chip out and take your medicine.

12. Hitting a shot with your practice swing

We have all been there. It is a bad look and maybe step a bit further away from the ball next time.

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