The Ultimate Golf Challenge!

Can three golfers avoid a three-putt, double bogey and lost ball over 36 holes?


Three golfers took on the ultimate challenge of trying to avoid a three-putt, lost ball and double bogey over 36 holes with the help of Skechers’ latest Go Golf footwear

Watch as three golfers try and keep a three-putt, double bogey and lost ball at bay over 36 holes

The three putt, lost ball and double bogey are right up there as being three of the most destructive occurrences in a round of golf and so in creating the ultimate golf challenge, Golf Monthly assembled a team of three to try and play 36 holes at the stunning but also daunting JCB Golf and Country Club without making a single one. 

To help them on their way they were kitted out by Skechers with some of the leading models from its 2021 Go Golf shoe range, well-known for the out-of-the-box comfort on offer.

Technical Editor Joel Tadman (5 hcp) and Staff Writer Dan Parker (8 hcp) were tasked with not losing a ball and not three putting respectively, while +1 handicap golfer and GM reader Greg Shelton was tasked with not making a double bogey. It was going to be difficult, but the weather was set fair and the spirits at the start were high. 

From L-R: Dan Parker, Joel Tadman and Greg Shelton ready to take on the challenge at JCB

Greg got off to the worst possible start by finding the penalty area off the first tee! But after scrambling a bogey was buoyed by the opportunity and how his new pair of shoes felt from the off. 

“It’s a big grown up golf course we’re playing today so I think there will be one or two nervous moments out there but I’m looking forward to it. I’ll play conservatively and hopefully avoid the trouble from now on.”

“Comfort wise, the shoe are like putting on an old pair of slippers. They’re really comfortable and I’m a fan of the looks, too.”

The Skechers shoes on test, from L-R: Go Golf Max Sport, Go Golf Pro 4 Legacy, Go Golf Elite V4, Go Golf Torque Pro, Go Golf Elite Tour SL

Joel was in the Skechers Go Golf Pro 4 Legacy for his first 18 holes, another spiked pair in the Skechers 2021 range. 

“There’s no wearing in to be done with these shoes, some leather shoes can take a while to soften but with these that feeling is immediate.” 

“As for my strategy in trying to avoid a lost ball, it’s to play well away from all the penalty areas and boundary fences. The rough isn’t too thick here, so I’m confident I can keep my ball in play.”

Joel’s strategy paid off for the first 18 holes of the challenge, and he returned to the clubhouse with the same golf ball he started the morning with. 

“There were a few close calls in the thick rough on a couple of holes, but luckily we found it and I got round in under my handicap, which I’m delighted about” 

“The shoes definitely helped me. While they’re quite soft underfoot they give a good spring to my step, which reduced fatigue towards the end of the round.”

Dan holed many clutch putts from 6 feet to keep three putts off his card

For Dan, who had the unenviable task of not three putting for 36 holes, his strategy was to avoid the wrong parts of the undulating greens at JCB.

“My strategy is going to be a bit negative. I’m happy to miss greens and chip on, the key is to avoid leaving my ball on the wrong level of the greens as they are very steep but also fast so can be tricky to judge.”

Dan’s first 18 holes were in the Skechers Go Golf Max Sport and the challenge was going fairly smoothly on the challenging greens at JCB. However, towards the end of the first round, a four-foot second putt frustratingly lipped out. 

“It’s expected for me to three putt at least once a round, so I’ll take it. I’m gutted but the shoes really impressed me, especially with the grip. I’d often be a bit wary about wearing spikeless shoes on day where the course was damp from overnight rain, but these were surprisingly grippy.”

Changing Skechers Go Golf shoes between rounds

As the group prepared for their second 18 holes at JCB, they changed shoes to try out more of the 2021 Skechers range. 

Joel and Dan changed into the Go Golf Elite 4 while Greg changed into the Go Golf Elite Tour SL.

Greg, having played solid once again, kept the costly double bogey off of his card thanks to a tight short game and solid tactics. 

There was a nervy moment on the 13th hole, but an excellent two-putt from 40ft tidied up the bogey. 

“My shoes were tremendous for my second round. Considering they just came out of the box today I’ve had no aching or pinch points whatsoever, which is something I’d be expecting after walking 36 holes.”

Dan strikes his approach into the par four 12th hole

Dan, who had already succumbed to a three putt, was going along tidily on the greens until an unforced error at the signature 17th hole cost him another three putt.

“I’m hurting after that. I was very happy with my tee shot walking down but I still managed a three putt from about 15ft. Missing that two footer is going to hurt for a while.” 

“As for the shoes I’m impressed again with the amount of grip provided. I’d personally have worn a spiked pair today with how wet the ground was, but these stood up to the test.”

Joel booms a drive off the 13th tee into the perfect position

Joel, who was still yet to lose a ball as he approached the 34th hole of the day, brought some drama to the day’s play when a hooked 4-iron on the signature 17th tee that looked destined for a watery grave. 

There was some debate on the tee as to whether the ball hung on to the front of the island green and, to everyone’s surprise, the ball was somehow dry. After making a bogey there and another on the final hole, Joel had successfully complete the challenge.

“I couldn’t be happier with keeping the same ball for 36 holes at such a tough course. Not losing a ball kept the high numbers off my card and I’ve played under handicap across the two rounds which is great.” 

“As for the shoes I like the low profile feel of a spikeless shoe. There is loads of padding around the ankle which made it supportive throughout the round.The neutral styling means you can pair them with different outfits too, adding to the versatility.” 

For Joel and Greg it was a very successful 36 holes at JCB. For Dan, a couple of mistakes cost him the chance to go the distance without a three putt, but the addition of the Skechers shoes undoubtedly helped all three take on the task by providing top-level comfort and performance.

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