Quiz! Hole Names At Augusta National

All the hole names at Augusta National are taken from a flower or shrub on that hole

The 12th hole is named Golden Bell. All the hole names at Augusta National are taken from a flower or shrub on that hole.
The 12th hole at Augusta National
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Can you get all the hole names at Augusta National?

All the hole names at Augusta National are named after a flower or shrub on that hole. The land used to be a nursery and many of these plants were there in place already; others had to be moved about the site and even more were brought in.

The property used to be Fruitland Nurseries. This business had been set up by father and son Louis and Prosper Berckmans, after Louis had bought the land in 1857.

The nursery closed in 1925 and the land was bought by a hotel chain. The plan had been to construct a hotel there, but the hoteliers ran out of money and ended up selling the land for a third of what they paid for it.

The original intention of the founders of Augusta National had been for two 18-hole courses on the land, and to build houses on it. Neither the houses not the second course came to fruition due to their own lack of finances.

Jones and Clifford asked Prosper Berckmans' son – also called Louis – to advise them on new plantings when they were building the course, and gave him membership of the club. He was aided by the chairman of the club’s Beautification Committee, Henry Parsons Crowell. Crowell is best known as the founder the Quaker Oats Company, but he also lived part of the year in Augusta and was a keen gardener.

Crowell and Berckmans arranged for the planting of more than 4,000 plants and trees in the spring of 1932 ensuring that each hole had its own distinct flora, which was to be reflected in the hole name. Some of the hole names have changed over time. For example the 12th was originally called Three Pines, after the trio of pine trees by the tee. But the pines all died.

The club estimates that, since the course was built, more than 80,000 plants of over 350 varieties have been added on Augusta National’s property.

All the holes have been named after the flowers and shrubs that grow there. Can you name them all? You have five minutes.

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