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Kymira Golf's futuristic apparel allows golfers to swing more freely and reduces the risk of injury

Play Pain Free With Kymira Golf

Wear Kymira Golf’s pioneering apparel and swing more freely, experience less pain, enjoy faster recovery. Play your best for longer.

Play Pain Free With Kymira Golf

As golfers, we are accustomed to managing our aches and pains. Maybe lower back complaints are the most common…or knees, elbows, shoulders, necks… few of us play without pain, especially as we get older.

The beauty of our game is that it is played and enjoyed by people of all ages. However, that enjoyment is seriously hindered when battling more than just the course or a golf ball that doesn’t listen.

At elite level, pulling out of a tournament through injury can be extremely costly, whether it be through loss of earnings or ranking points. But even as amateurs, the mental and physical health benefits of golf are such that not being able to tee it up due to injury can be incredibly frustrating.

Golf is too precious to play in pain; we don’t need to continue to accept it as something inherent that we have limited control over.

There is another way.

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Used by elite athletes– England’s rugby player Jonny May, cricket’s Darren Stevens and even an Open Championship winner - Kymira Golf’s tried and tested products make it easier than ever to alleviate pain, increase muscle elasticity, accelerate recovery, and reduce the chance of injury. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Not only are Kymira’s infrared garments made with Celliant certified as class 1 medical devices, they are designated as a 201(h) medical device by the FDA, for their claims to increase localised circulation. Outside of the golfing world, they are trusted by elite teams competing in the NFL, World Rugby, Formula 1, and World Athletics.

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How do they work?

Backed up by various clinical studies, the smart garments feature specially designed fibres that trigger a reaction whereby wasted energy given off by our bodies, as well as surrounding light, are reabsorbed and converted into a specific form of infrared light.

This infrared is then emitted back into the body, penetrating 4cm into the muscles, which causes an array of positive biological changes that aid, support and enhance performance and recovery.

Such is its effectiveness that Kymira Golf won the best marketing award at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show after judges were wowed by the clear increase in blood circulation demonstrated under the microscope.

And unlike other infrared technologies on the market, this is locked into the fibres, meaning it will never lose its efficacy.

What are the benefits?

Pain relief 

There are many benefits a golfer will experience when wearing a Kymira product. Where the body is covered, the infrared light triggers a chemical process that inhibits pain receptors and reduces pain while the garment is being worn.

So, whether you start a round with a physical issue or find you often struggle coming down the final few holes, these products will help you sustain performance from start to finish without the usual discomfort or soreness.

And although these effects wear off after you’ve changed attire, there are longer-term perks for the golfing athletes out there. Anecdotal evidence suggests that delayed onset muscle soreness – or DOMS as it is better known – does not return once the products have been removed.

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Increased muscle elasticity 

We all know that during a golf swing, our bodies move in ways that are unnatural. For example, the twisting motion that enables us to generate power puts immense pressure on our lower backs, with 28.1 per cent of 31,000 golfers tested by My Titleist Performance Institute reporting they suffered from lower back pain at the end of a round.

Kymira Golf garments allow the body to produce accelerated levels of Nitric Oxide, which plays a huge role in increasing the volume of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood circulated to our muscle cells. Among a great many other things, this causes the skeletal muscles to relax, therefore enhancing joint mobility and muscle elasticity, allowing recreational players to swing freer than ever before.

Accelerated recovery

The importance of being able to recover quicker when wearing Kymira products is such an important, additional benefit. We all know that after a particularly hard round, it can take too long to feel like yourself physically.

Again, it is the stimulation of Nitric Oxide that is key to this process. Because the blood vessels expand, more blood can flow around the body, meaning tissue oxygen levels are, on average, 20 per cent higher when wearing Kymira vs a standard fabric or compression.

And not only does this aid recovery; it also helps to reduce swelling during inflammatory responses, the kind which sufferers from back pain experience on a regular basis.

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Reduced chance of injury

It comes as no surprise that all this massively reduces the likelihood of picking up an injury in the first place. In fact, elite athletes using Kymira products for training and recovery have reported an 80 per cent reduction in injuries when compared to previously worn training kits.

The infrared technology allows athletes to achieve the same work output with less effort, meaning there isn’t the need to put as much strain on the body when practising. With cells that are working far more efficiently, a golfer will be able to take to the course, driving range or gym, safe in the knowledge that they aren’t going to do themselves any harm.

Final thoughts

We're seeing a wider uptake of smart garments from both recreational golfers and elite players to reduce aches and pains, lower the chance of injury and accelerate recovery.

Backed up by science and powered by progress, golfers that choose Kymira apparel give themselves a better chance of playing pain free.

For far more in the way of information and science behind these garments, head to the Kymira Golf website and take advantage of the 10 per cent off introductory offer using the code GM10.

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