Are You Team Bryson Or Team Brooks?

We asked our forum members who they would rather go for a drink with...

Team Bryson Or Team Brooks Why Bryson Vs Brooks Is The Rivalry Golf Needs
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We asked our forum members who they would rather go for a drink with...

Are You Team Bryson Or Team Brooks?

Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka are the definition of alpha males but they could hardly be more different.

One is all about trying to steal an edge be it through his clubs, mindset or new-found enormous distance, the other just goes about his business and wins a load of majors doing it.

And they don’t get along, as we discovered yet again by Koepka’s reaction at Kiawah Island after his Ryder Cup team-mate clattered his way past during a post-round interview.

So we asked our forum members who they would rather go for a drink with.

It doesn't have to be a pint, it could be a bottled beer or maybe a G&T or just a coffee and a slice of cake?

Are You Team Bryson Or Team Brooks?

Bryson 34%

Bryson comes across as a really nice bloke, very clever and could come down intellectually to my level I think. Brooks looks a bit surly to me. But we only see them on TV so it’s hard to get a true feeling. I don’t like Bryson’s golf game but I’ve seen him on Feherty and he looks an interesting guy.


He seems intelligent and knowledgeable, really thinks about the game and I would be interested to hear a lot of his thoughts on it, and maybe even learn a thing or two. Maybe he's a little self-centred but deep down I think he is a nice guy. I could be wrong on that, but it would be a chance to find out wouldn't it?

As for Brooks I wouldn't say no to a pint, but he does come across as very flippant and miserable. And I'm not sure he has as much of a personality as Bryson.


Watch Bryson’s week in the life video. Can't say I'd want to spend any time with him after seeing it.


If I HAD to, I’d probably choose Bryson. Definitely prefer Brooks on course and around golf, but he just seems boring. Bryson actually seems a decent guy away from golf. Would much rather choose the vast majority of all golfers ahead of them to be fair.


If I had to choose it would be Bryson. Simply because he has some interesting and somewhat different views on golf. As people neither really float my boat. Harry Higgs looks like a man to hit the bar with!!

The Fader

I'd honestly go for a pint with both, but if push came to shove I'd go with Bryson just because I think he'd be more fun.


Bryson – I am very technically minded myself (except for my golf swing).


I think Brooks and I would cancel one another out, not reacting to each other, so would go for Bryson just for the possible entertainment value. And he'd probably be good at pool and quiz machines...


Brooks 39%

Brooks is more real, although not necessarily that interesting. Bryson is a bit of a fake, with a completely contrived image. He also seems to have an enormous ego, even by Tour standards, and I think he would get annoying very fast. And he isn't as smart as he wants people to think.


Blimey, that's a tough choice, not for good reasons. Bryson looks too automated and how long would he take to decide what to drink? Hopefully Brooks would loosen up after a drink, not necessarily alcoholic, and relax. I'm not sure Bryson ever relaxes and that would put me on edge.

Lord Tyrion

Neither 27%

Brooks just seems dull, Bryson's ego probably wouldn't stop..


Both as dull as ditch water. Entitled millennial gym bunnies the pair of them. I’d rather go for a pint with Westwood or Lowry any day. But if it was a choice of anyone, a couple of bottles of Rioja with Seve and Olazabal would do me nicely.

The Dog

Brooks comes across as a bit of an idiot, doesn’t call himself a golfer, but an ‘athlete’. I wouldn’t go for a pint with either, as they’d both be Bud Lite guys, and would probably call good cask-conditioned ale ‘warm’..

I like people who are slightly different, and even if we didn’t agree or get on too well on some things, Bryson has a bit about him. Brooks I think just wants to be cool


Or both..

I assume on the basis that they’re buying, as between them they’re divvying up the $40m social media fund and everyone’s buying into this "rivalry" then either is fine.


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