With thicker rough and looser swings, some golfers are losing more balls than usual after courses in the UK re-opened last month

Are You Losing More Golf Balls After Lockdown?

With many greenkeepers furloughed or working in skeleton teams during lockdown, plus the advice that only essential maintenance was necessary, cutting the rough at many courses hasn’t been top of the agenda for the past couple of months.

Add to that warm temperatures and perfect growing conditions, and rough has been fairly thick when golfers stray off of the fairway.

That has resulted in more lost balls for some, especially after three months without usual visits to the driving range or regular games of golf to keep swings in check.

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For me personally, I’ve definitely been losing more golf balls in spots that I would usually find them in – guess I should start finding a few more fairways.

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We asked our Twitter audience if they had been losing more balls since lockdown, and the split was very even!

Here are some interesting comments we received on Twitter, Facebook and the Golf Monthly Forum after we asked if golfers have been losing more balls lately:

“I’ve certainly been finding more.”

“4 rounds only 1 lost ball. Learn to keep it in the fairway.”

“Went 3 rounds last week without losing a ball then lost 7 in one round afterwards.”

“About 16 over 4 rounds ! Rough is really rough.”

“No from me, rough was slightly longer a week or 2 back, but course still in great condition.”

“No I hit the fairway.”

“Sadly yes. Very rough rough.”

“Yes as anything off the fairway hasn’t been tended which for 20 handicap isn’t helping.”

“Yes, so many that I just ordered a ball retriever on Amazon.”

“4 rounds. Same ball. All net under par scores. I am 52 and have (finally) grasped that the aim is to hit it better not harder.”

“Bought shares in Srixon, at least i get something back.”

“Yep. The rough was hella rough!! I know I know, shouldn’t be in the rough in the first place.”

“In places the rough is now so long I could lose myself in it let alone a golf ball.”

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