How Can Clubs Help Prevent Balls Being Lost?

We look at several ways clubs can help you lose less golf balls when out on the course.

How Can Clubs Help Balls Being Lost

We look at several ways clubs can help you lose less golf balls when out on the course.

How Can Clubs Help Balls Being Lost?

Thanks to the Coronavirus (opens in new tab) pandemic it seems most golfers are losing more golf balls out on the course at the moment.

The enforced break obviously had a negative effect on our golf games because swinging the club feels very unnatural indeed.

Therefore losing more golf balls into bushes, lakes, ponds, streams and everything else is probably more likely. Golf clubs can do little about this really, we just need a bit more practice to sort this out.

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Additionally many golf courses are not in perfect condition because greenskeepers may have been furloughed and may not have had the resources to cut the rough as normal.

Therefore the rough is longer and it is a lot easier to lose golf balls.

So what can golf clubs do to help players lose fewer golf balls at the moment?

Well when it is possible, cutting the rough to a reasonable length next to the fairway and in traditional landing zones is a fantastic start. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing your ball is five yards off the fairway and yet it somehow vanishes into thin air.

The use of more marker posts in the rough could also help here. One of the hardest things to do in golf is to get a good line on a golf shot because if you use a tree then it is easy for them all to blend into one.

Whereas more marker posts would mean the golfer has a clearer line of what direction the ball was going and therefore where it likely ended up.

More marker posts could help us lose less golf balls (Getty Images)

Clubs can also cut grass and weeds under trees because being in the trees is enough punishment for a bad shot.

Setting up the course for brisk pace of play and moving tees forwards is another possible option to take. Most of us are just happy to be out on the golf course and couldn't care less what tees we are playing off!

Finally, as soon as it is safe, and the club is allowed to do so, get the driving range open. This will possibly be the most effective way us golfers can get our swings back into the groove of playing again which could therefore mean less lost golf balls.

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