Wanting to get your partner into the game? Here are some tips...


9 Stages To Getting Your Partner Into Golf

Looking to combine your two loves – golf and your partner?

Here are the 9 main stages to help you get your partner into the game

Let them walk round with you

This is the first step. As we know, golf is a tough sport so you need to show them the ropes and make them acclimatised to the environment. Either walk with them or take them in a buggy with you so they can watch you play. This is also a good time to show them the very basic etiquette like tending flags and raking bunkers.

Let them play

Now that they’ve seen the golf course and watched you hit a few shots, let them have a go at a putt here and there and perhaps even a few chips. At this point there shouldn’t be a great deal of coaching going on, perhaps a small tip or two, but just let them figure out and enjoy the sensation of hitting some chip shots and what rolling a putt towards the hole feels like.

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Take them to a short game area

Whether that be a specific short game zone, golf course green if nobody is around or a local field that doesn’t specifically prohibit the odd golf shot here and there. Let them have a prolonged time practicing pitches, chips and putts. Golf should be learnt short game first to allow timing to develop. Perhaps show them a few basics like the proper way to grip the club.

Take them down the range

Now that they’re a bit more used to the game it’s time to take the next step. You don’t want to progress too far here so don’t encourage them go above much more than a 7 iron. Give them a few tips, stick to the very basics, and let them hit a few half and full wedge shots to get a feel of what it’s like to hit the ball. They might be a natural, but they probably won’t be, so don’t get too frustrated or be too expectant. Golf is hard.


After maybe one, two or three range sessions and some short game time, it’s probably time for some proper tuition. Whether that be with a PGA pro or in a beginners group session, it will help massively for them to see someone with some true expertise as well as experience of teaching beginners. If they’re still going at this stage, you’re doing well.

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Treat them to some gear

Buy them some nice golf-specific clothes and their own golf bag and some clubs. You don’t have to splash out, you can get some great deals throughout the year or go to the second-hand market – plus at this stage they’ll still only need a half set. Either way, having their own bag and clubs and some proper golf clothes should spike some interest and motivation to continue to improve.

Remember why you’re doing it

You’re not training your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend to be the next Annika Sorenstam or Tiger Woods, you just want to be able to play the game you love with the person you love. When they’re topping, shanking or chunking it don’t get too frustrated, just be patient and think that sometime soon you’ll be able to have a game together or even head off on a nice golf break.

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Play a par-3 course

Take them to a par-3 or pitch and putt course so they can begin to hit full shots out on a course. This should be repeated, along with range and short game sessions, as many times as possible until they’re ready for a full course. Hitting tee shots, bunker shots, chip-outs, wedges and actually getting the ball in the hole is all part of learning to play the game of golf.

Don’t rush

Golf is a sport that we can play right up until our later days so there really is no rush. Stay patient with your partner and enjoy the time together because who knows, in 10 years they might be beating you!


Remember the both of you can practice things like putting and grip in the house, this could speed up your partner’s development. You can also practice chipping in the garden, if it’s safe to do so, as well as the full swing if you purchase a net.

Have you recently got your partner in to golf? Or are you planning to?

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