With many tournaments getting cancelled these things may help time fly by faster.

8 Things To Do When No Golf Is On Television

With the Coronavirus having a huge impact on pretty much every single sporting event, golf has not escaped punishment either as both the PGA Tour and European Tour have had to postpone and cancel several events each.

Latest: Coronavirus and Golf

Bearing this in mind, and having to acknowledge that no golf will on television for the foreseeable future, we have put together a list of things for you to do to make the time go by a little bit faster.

1. Go And Play Golf

No golf on TV? Go and get your golfing fix out on the course then.

2. Practice

We have had a lot of rain lately so if your course is shut then go and work on the things you need to. This could be at the range, in the short-game area or on the putting green. Alternatively if you don’t want to leave the house, you can practice your putting with ease at home. You’ll be holing everything next time you play!

3. Check Your Fundamentals

Get yourself in front of a mirror to check your grip, your stance, your posture and just about everything is where you want it to be.

4. Watch Old Golf Tournaments

You know all those golf tournaments you have saved on your TV, or the collection of golf DVD’s that gather dust on the shelf? Sit yourself down on the sofa and watch them all again. YouTube also has a whole load of old tournaments to watch too. The spouse may not enjoy it but these are the sacrifices we have to make at the moment…

5. Watch Golf Monthly YouTube Videos

Speaking of YouTube, our channel has you covered. We regularly upload tour player tips, instruction from our selection of coaches and the latest gear reviews and comparisons!

6. Read A Book

Plenty of cracking golf books out there. From Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book, to John Feinstein’s A Good Walk Spoiled, a good book helps time fly by.

Latest: Coronavirus and Golf

7. DIY

We all have a list of things to do that we have saved for a rainy day. Well with no golf on television now is the time to get all those tasks out of the way. I think cleaning your golf clubs and golf shoes should be top of that list of course.

8. Start Swatting Up On The Rules

The Rules of Golf are complicated so the more you know the better.

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