Here we take a look at six of Miguel Angel Jimenez's best quotes

6 Of The Best Miguel Angel Jimenez Quotes

Spanish European Tour legend Miguel Angel Jimenez is one of golf’s great characters.

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Here we look at six of his best quotes…

1. “My friend, water is for fish” – Sports Illustrated

2. “If I like to smoke, why not smoke? If I like red wine or whiskey or whatever, why would I not have it? People are going to see me, but I’m not there  to educate anybody” – Golf Monthly

3. “I don’t like aeroplanes – I’m in the wrong business” – The Guardian

4. “I am here with the sun shining, I’m surrounded by friends and family, tonight I will eat good food, drink good wine, smoke a good cigar and make love to my beautiful wife. It’s a good life, no?” – Sports Illustrated

5. “Some of the players doing well now, if you gave them a persimmon wood they wouldn’t be able to get the ball off the ground” – Golf Monthly

6. “I finish my round, I have a shower, I ask the people where is the best restaurant in the area, I go there, eat nice food, drink some red wine and smoke my cigar. This is my way” – Daily Mail

Miguel Angel Jimenez has won 21 times on the European Tour, seven times on the Asian Tour and six times on the PGA Tour Champions including two Senior Majors.

He has made four appearances for Europe in the Ryder Cup.