If you're looking for a new golf format to try out, you're in the right place. We pick out five of our favourites below...

5 Different Golf Formats To Try

Are you bored of playing the same stableford format every time?

Watch this video below where we pick out five of our favourite formats for you to try:

5 – Yellow Ball

  • Team game
  • Each team has a yellow ball
  • One player uses it on each hole on a rotational basis
  • Yellow ball score counts on every hole + best other score

4 – American Stableford

  • Three ball format
  • Six points up for grabs on each hole
  • Points allocation can be: 4-1-1, 4-2-0, 3-3-0, 2-2-2

3 – String Game

  • Great for larger groups and can be played by all abilities
  • You get allocated 1ft of string for each stroke of your handicap, i.e. a 28-handicapper gets 28ft of string
  • Can use the string in any way you like, so if you’re in a bush you can use the string to move your ball 4ft out sideways
  • Can or can’t be used on the greens, it’s a personal decision

2 – Worst ball

  • Single-player format
  • Great to add pressure to your practice
  • Hit two shots from everywhere and take your worst ball
  • For example, if one hits the fairway and one is in the rough, you play from the rough and hit two more shots from there

1 – Texas scramble

  • Great for team games
  • Everyone hits a shot and the team takes the best shot result every time
  • Some rules enforce every player to have used a set number of drives
  • Handicap is calculated by adding every team member’s handicap together and divided by 10

For full details on the formats, watch the video at the top of the page

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