10 Items Every Golfer Should Carry

In this video, Neil Tappin lists out the 10 items every golfer should carry.

(Image credit: FootJoy/Kevin Murray)

In this video, Neil Tappin lists out the 10 items every golfer should carry.

10 Items Every Golfer Should Carry

This is not about the obvious things like clubs and balls but all those other things that can make a big difference to your game, especially in difficult weather conditions. Carrying all the things you need without making your bag too heavy is a tricky balance - Neil's pointers should help you get it right!

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10 Items Every Golfer Should Carry

1. Wet Weather Gloves

As we approach winter and rain becomes more common, a pair of the best wet weather gloves are a must for every golfer. The wetter it gets, the more traction a pair of these gloves will give you so you can continue to swing with confidence, and not concern over slippage.

Alternatively a freezer bag is good for storing your regular golf gloves to protect them from the wet weather whilst they are in your golf bag.

2. Spare Battery

This applies to those players who use laser rangefinders. There is nothing worse then your rangefinder running out of battery mid-round so putting a spare battery in your bag will see you prepared for that eventuality.

Make sure you have a spare battery for your rangefinder (Getty Images)

3. Sun Cream

Most of us will check the weather before playing and sun lotion up before heading to the course or the tee. But there are some occasions where a top-up on the course is necessary to stop yourself from burning, especially if you are in a hot country on a golf trip. Alternatively a small bottle in your bag will make sure you are prepared if the weather is a lot nicer than forecast.

4. Bottle of Water

There are countless studies that have shown how important staying hydrated is for your concentration and your performance. Therefore make sure you have a bottle of water on you at all times.

5. Sharpies

Having something to mark your golf ball is not essential to the rules of golf but having a sharpie and making sure each ball is marked up will give you a better chance at identifying it if you do hit it into some trouble.

6. Waterproof Top

Another weather related point. Us golfers are out on the course for a good few hours and the weather can change drastically in that time so making sure you have a waterproof top to put on if the weather takes a turn will make you infinitely more comfortable. We also recommend a bucket hat especially for players who wear glasses.

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7. Plasters

During the course of a round it can be quite easy to catch yourself on a broken tee peg, or catch your hand on a spiky bush possibly resulting in a cut or graze of some kind. Or you might have some new golf shoes which are giving you some blisters. At those points, a packet of plasters will come into its own to make your round more comfortable and enjoyable.

8. Spare Ball Marker

It is easy to lose ball markers on the golf course which makes carrying a spare one common sense really.

Make sure you carry a spare pencil around (Tom Miles)

9. Spare Pencil

The same can be said of a spare pencil because you have to mark your scorecard somehow.

Help the greenkeepers out with your pitch repairer (Tom Miles)

10. Spare Pitch Repairer

We all know how annoying it is to see un-repaired pitch marks on greens so making sure you have a repairer in your bag and on your person during the round is important. Make sure you carry a spare one too in case you lose your first.


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