Golf is tough, there’s no getting around it. Some days a round of golf can seem a Herculean challenge where every shot could go horribly wrong. But some situations on the golf course demand an extra degree of skill and/or self belief. Here we take a look at 10 of the hardest shots in golf.

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The drive through an avenue of trees

Straight is great

Straight is great

There’s no option here, it simply must go straight. With no bail-out on either side, those who tend to be a touch errant with the longer clubs are facing a serious challenge. The sight of encroaching trouble on either side can set the pulse racing and lead you to make a defensive swing, trying to guide it down the narrow corridor. Tightening up like this will generally make it more likely for you to stray into the woods but trusting yourself to make a free and full swing is incredibly difficult.

The four-foot putt to make the buffer zone

Just hit it firm and straight

Just hit it firm and straight

For some players, every putt is difficult but this one is the most challenging of all for amateur players. Make this and the day will be saved. You can go home and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Miss it and you’ll be up 0.1, you’ll feel you’ve wasted four hours and will want to spend the rest of the weekend in the cupboard under the stairs. “I think it’s pretty straight. No wait, maybe it moves a little from the right… But if I hit it firmly enough…” Aaarrggghh.

The next iron shot after a shank

Anything but another "unmentionable"

Anything but another “unmentionable”


Please, please, please don’t let it happen again!

The carry over trouble

We're going "all in" here

We’re going “all in” here


If you don’t catch this right, it’s curtains. Between you and safety lies water, gorse, the sea, a canyon… whatever… but you have only one option: to make a decent contact and fly the trouble. With nothing to fear, you’ll achieve a reasonable enough strike nine of 10 times. But with the threat of imminent doom to your precious white orb, the odds of failure are greatly shortened.

Second go at chipping/pitching over a water hazard

Any tips Jordan?

Any tips Jordan?

You’d thought your approach was spot on but it fell just two yards short and tumbled back into a water hazard. You pulled it out and dropped, thinking you now needed a deft pitch to perhaps save a bogey. You got a little cute, caught the ball a touch heavy and plopped it straight back in the water. You’ve now retrieved it and have dropped again – it’s now up-and-down for a triple bogey. You don’t want to dunk it again, but there’s a bunker just through the back… In the words of Donny Osmond – “Someone help me, help me pleeeeeaassee!”

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