Should More Pro Golfers Join OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is renowned for adult content rather than golf tips, but times are changing, and we consider why golfers should embrace the platform

Amy Boulden
Amy Boulden has partnered with OnlyFans
(Image credit: Ladies European Tour)

When people typically think of the social media platform OnlyFans, adult content often comes to mind. However, it seems the subscription site is continuing to try and broaden its scope by attracting creators from diverse fields, including sports.

In a bid to attract creators beyond the stereotypical females who predominantly target a male audience with provocative content - examples being social media personality and former professional golfer Paige Spiranac, combat sportswoman Paige VanZant, retired racing driver Renee Gracie and former world champion boxers Mikaela Mayer and Ebanie Bridges - OnlyFans has revealed a new partnership with Ladies European Tour player Amy Boulden for the 2024 season. 

Boulden is the second professional golfer to sign a deal with OnlyFans, following in the footsteps of British golfer Liam O’Neill who launched a partnership with the platform last year.

For many OnlyFans account holders, posting unique content and garnering subscribers serves as a significant revenue-generating avenue, often amounting to millions of dollars annually. Most people consume sport through online platforms, making it common for athletes to leverage social media channels like Instagram and TikTok to land lucrative brand deals or cultivate their personal brands to help support them long after they have hung up their boots or golf clubs. 

As far as OnlyFans is concerned, numerous people have turned to the platform upon retirement or upon realising they are unable to secure funding to pursue their sporting aspirations at the highest level. This isn’t the case for Boulden, as she remains actively involved as a tour player and the distinction lies in her approach: she will utilise the platform to provide exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, gym workouts, and swing tips without resorting to sexually revealing golf clothing

Amy Boulden announcing her OnlyFans partnership

Amy Boulden will wear an OnlyFans branded golf shirt

(Image credit: OnlyFans)

With OnlyFans broadening its content scope beyond its conventional reputation, 30-year-old Boulden has made a smart business decision and has paved the way for others, especially for many Ladies European Tour players who frequently require extra income to bolster their earnings while funding their dreams. This represents a positive step for players, one that golf fans are likely to welcome as well.

There are numerous young social media influencers crafting relatable content that chronicles their golfing journey, and while I'm not opposed to watching a beginner tackle a par-3 hole - illustrating the game's ups and downs and inspiring the next generation - I do sense a gap in the amount of valuable guidance and tips from seasoned professional female players like Boulden who have thrived in the sport and continue to make a living from it.

For most of us, golf is just a fun pastime, and we can only fantasise about the lives of professional golfers, naturally curious about what that lifestyle really involves. Next month marks the release of Full Swing Season 2, the Netflix documentary series that delves into the lives of male professional golfers. Wouldn't it be fantastic if a film crew could also capture the journeys of the leading players on the women's tours?

No doubt, it might be a while before we see a Full Swing women’s series, but Boulden assures us that she'll offer an authentic look into the life of a professional golfer through her content. "With women’s golf gaining momentum in popularity, OnlyFans seems like the perfect platform to showcase the sport globally," she expressed.

Women’s golf is on an upward trajectory, and Boulden has taken the initiative to shine a positive light on this platform. In everyone’s best interests, I hope it’s one that other players and fans will now seriously consider being a part of.

Alison Root

Alison Root has over 25 years experience working in media and events, predominantly dedicated to golf, in particular the women’s game. Until 2020, for over a decade Alison edited Women & Golf magazine and website, and is now the full-time Women's Editor for Golf Monthly. Alison is a respected and leading voice in the women's game, overseeing content that communicates to active golfers from grassroots through to the professional scene, and developing collaborative relationships to widen Golf Monthly's female audience across all platforms to elevate women's golf to a new level. She is a 16-handicap golfer (should be better) and despite having had the fantastic opportunity to play some of the best golf courses around the world, Kingsbarns in Scotland is her favourite.