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Nicholas Gamble talks in this golf blog about slow play and how the USGA

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Slow Play: Golf Blog

Slow play is often seen as the scourge of the modern game. All to often now there are complaints from all levels of the game that it is taking too long to get round 18 holes.

Whilst previously the issue has been left for another day, the USGA's new ‘while we are young campaign' shows that golf's governing bodies have begun to address it now.

The campaign, is comprised of TV ads, which feature Tiger Woods, Paula Creamer, Arnold Palmer, Annika Sorenstam and even Clint Eastwood demonstrate an ability to highlight the issue in a lighthearted way.

The use of humour in the ads (not laugh out loud but definitely a valiant effort) will hopefully appeal to young and old alike, which will in turn increase the reach of their message.

Not the cynic in me does think that these ads will take forever to effect the level of play that us mere golfing mortals are on, meaning the Saturday Medal is still likely to take 4 hours plus.

Moreover, the rate of play at the US Open certainly did a lot to damage the potential positive impact of the campaign with the rounds taking five and a half hours or so.

However, on this occasion I want to be optimistic. I think any overt attempt to quell the slow play problem is good.

Moreover, whilst slow play is no laughing matter, I think the approach the USGA has used should definitely be praised.   

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Nick was a freelance writer for Golf Monthly from 2012 to 2014.