Golfing goddesses

Keen lady golfer, Sharon Yardley, tells us about her experiences taking up the game of golf for the first time

Paula Creamer

It's a beautiful sunny, spring day and I am standing on a beautiful golf course with five other women who I had only known for three weeks, having a great chat and laugh whilst our golf instructor - Julian Mellor teaches us the basics of the game.

Golf never interested me as a kid; I even wondered what all the men saw in what seemed like a pointless game. But as I get older and my health and well being became more of a priority I started to look around for activities in which I could nourish my mind and body and spirit.

Golf ticks all the boxes. It wasn't even something I had thought about until I saw an advert in The Leamington Golf & Country Club offering women's golf lessons for only £35 pounds for a six-week course.

The course, in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside, is beautiful and has an excellent training academy with all the state-of-the-art equipment. We are gently guided through the basics of the game by Julian with wit and humour. As none of us has any prior experience or knowledge of the game, we quickly bond as a team offering support and encouragement to each other. 

After the lesson, we all head up to the clubhouse for a well-deserved drink. I manage to grab a few minutes with Julian to find out more about this intriguing game and find out what is attracting more and more women into the golf.

"Women golfers differ from males - and instructing them is totally different - not only are women physically built differently, but strength and speed wise are different therefore, I have to approach teaching ladies slightly differently," says Julian.

"Ladies also seem to prefer to learn in groups, so teaching ladies groups has been quite new experience for me and works great in groups between four and eight. Group coaching is better for females than their counterpart males who prefer individual coaching. I think Ladies rely on the support they give each other and enjoy the friendly competition rather than taking it all too seriously.

"There are a lot of women generally coming into the game for a few reasons - it's a fabulous game, once you start to get the bug - why wouldn't you play? It's the fairest game you can play with anyone else, regardless of their level. Unlike tennis where you would not be able to play against a professional, with golf other players' skill and expertise, will not impede on your own."

So ladies, this gives you even more reasons to grab you clubs and head out to the greens.

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