Golf Blog: Time to support our golfers?

As part of her work experience, Tiyah Hernandez-Pierrepont writes this Golf Blog on whether British and Northern Irish golfers are receiving the public praise they deserve

Justin Rose

When I was asked to write a Golf Blog as part of my work experience, I did panic.

I don't know very much about golf, I have an interest in journalism, but when it comes to golf, my knowledge is minimal.

I know a competent amount about football and tennis, despite never having played either, so why not golf?

During the World Cup I was completely in awe of the English football team who filled the nation with an immense sense of patriotism.

So why is it that we are more than willing to get behind a team that has not made it to the final of the World Cup since 1966, yet we continually fail to fully support our golf players?

At the time of writing this, 5 of the top 10 golfers in the world are British and Northern Irish.

Why is it that Justin Rose, Darren Clarke and Rory McIlroy, three British and Northern Irish major winners, are not hailed in the same way as Andy Murray or Steven Gerrard?

You could argue that golf is predominately a middle-class sport. But look at Rory McIlroy. His father and former coach, worked over 100 hours a week to ensure that his son got the most from golf.

McIlroy's mother worked night shifts to continue to fund McIlroy's golfing career.

Surely McIlroy stands as evidence that golf is not a middle-class sport, but a sport in which anyone, from any background, can succeed, given the opportunity.

Perhaps "opportunity" is the reason why golf is not recognised in this country in the same way tennis and football are; both are regularly played as part of the national curriculum.

Golf, in comparison, is not.

I know that it is not entirely practical to be on the curriculum given location and expenses, however, with golf being at the 2016 Olympics, surely it is time for golf to play a key role in the lives of the younger generations.

One day I hope to be able to walk into a pub and cheer on British golfers, and not have to get the channel changed.

I would like to be able to read the front page of the newspaper and see the announcement that a British golfer has won a major, not find the story just on the back pages.

With the Olympics approaching, hopefully the United Kingdom will finally be able to celebrate and take pride in a sport that we truly do excel in.

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