A friend of mine rang the other day to tell me that it was his birthday so did I fancy a game of golf at Chart Hills to celebrate. Those who know me will be shocked to learn that, in a moment of uncharacteristic generosity, I presented him with a sleeve of Titleists on the first tee. After briefly thanking me, he produced a massive slice and lost what was two pounds of my money in the thick rough. Not content with that, he topped his provisional (my present) into a pond. He laughed; I didn?t. The last of the three was smashed into the woods on the fifth and was never seen again. Although I appreciate that I had given the balls to him and they were his to do with what he liked, I think it was rather unkind of him to have been quite so cavalier. Had I presented him with, say, a sweater and he had proceeded to rip it into shreds in front of me, I would not have felt worse than I did. My only consolation is that I didn?t give him half a dozen. Am I being too sensitive?