Architect: Weiskopf, Morrish
2006 position: 14
Stats: 6,675 yds; par 72; SSS 73
GF: only with a member
T: 01436 655555
W: lochlomond.com

There’s a certain aura about the idyllic Loch Lomond and it more than lives up to the hype.

It’s easy to see why Tom Weiskopf sees this as his architectural masterpiece and there’s no doubt he and Jay Morrish have achieved everything they could have hoped for.

Loch Lomond is renowned for its spectacular setting and supreme service, yet while these are indeed impressive, it is the layout itself that really provides the thrills.

Every hole has its own character, but you’re often given a tantalising glimpse of the hole ahead too, something that helps to excite from start to finish. POH

+ A near flawless layout with a setting and service to match
– Exclusivity means few will get to experience the thrill of Loch Lomond

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