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A hybrid can make a huge difference to your golf game, with the club slotting in perfectly between your fairway woods and longer irons.

But firstly, why should you put a hybrid into your setup? What advantages are there to having one in your bag?

To start, some of the best golf hybrids clubs are much easier to use than longer irons due to their centre of gravity being lower and further back from the club face. 

As a result, a hybrid is a lot more effective when struck from the rough and, while similar to irons, it actually gives the feeling of a shorter wood, which increases a golfer's confidence on the fairways.

So, not only does a hybrid provide more height, it can also increase the distance, approximately 5 to 8 yards more than its iron equivalent.

One last big plus point is that a hybrid is available in several different loft angles, allowing you to switch out and alternate the clubs in your bag for more comfort.

For example, if you are struggling to strike your 3-iron, a club that offers not the best forgiveness, then your game could improve (opens in new tab) by swapping it out for a more versatile club, like a hybrid.

Thanks to their increase in popularity, as well as the added benefits they have on a golfer's game, countless companies have produced some excellent hybrids over the years.

Check out the best golf hybrid deals available right now...

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