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Titleist stand bag pictured on a golf course
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There are two main types of golf bags - cart bags and carry bags.

Both are very common but many do enjoy the benefits of a carry bag as they have more versatility and flexibility.

Carry bags are lighter and therefore easier to transport to the driving range or into your house, and they can be used both on and off of a golf trolley.

When it comes to carry bags, there are traditional stand bags and pencil bags.

A stand bag (as the name suggests) is fitted with a stand to ensure it sits perfectly for you when you want to put it down, whereas a pencil bag is a much lighter bag that does not come with stands or a hard shell.

The best golf stand bags of the modern day are lightweight, sleek and filled with features to help golfers get the most out of their games.

Lots of stand bags are also fully waterproof nowadays too, so check out our best waterproof golf bags guide to help you pick your favourite if you're a golfer that isn't put off when it rains.

The best golf pencil bags are even more lightweight and are made by all of the top brands so are of great quality.

Pencil bags are fantastic to take on holiday with you, for summer use or to keep for when playing on your own.

They're significantly cheaper than stand bags (prices start from around $25/£25!) and they're seriously lightweight if you only want to take a half-set.

Below we pick out the best golf carry bag deals on both stand and pencil bags to help you get the best price from your investment...

Stand Bag Deals

Pencil Bag Deals

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