The Titleist Players 4Plus StaDry stand bag is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Titleist Players 4Plus StaDry Stand Bag

Titleist stand bags have long had a classy look with that big Titleist logo on the main pocket, and this latest evolution of the Players 4Plus StaDry is no exception. We felt it looked super-smart and rated it highly in the style category when we put it up against four other similar bags in a comprehensive test earlier this year.

Editor’s Choice 2020

The StaDry name is now synonymous with keeping water out, and it certainly does that, with the seam-sealed zippers ensuring that the only way water will get in is if you absent-mindedly leave the hood off in the rain. It won’t be getting in anywhere else, which is suitably reassuring given the British weather.

A lot of thought has clearly gone into this bag, with the stand opening nice and wide to bring added stability on windy days or sloping terrain when too narrow a stand can lead to your bag sometimes taking an unfortunate tumble when your back is turned, or more importantly when you’re trying to hole that crucial four-footer.

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Lots of added extras

Weight is a key consideration for many, and the Players 4Plus StaDry sits the right side of the 2kg barrier at just 1.95kg. The use of high-grade lightweight aluminium in the legs helps on this front. The convertible strap system is not only extremely comfortable but also achieves its stated aim of self-balancing pretty well. Should you sometimes wish to trolley rather than carry, the straps are easy to detach as they just clip in and out.

Six pockets in total are more than enough for most, and we found the main full-length pocket to be pleasingly spacious and accommodating. There’s also a sturdy handle on the top cuff to assist with manoeuvring the bag in and out of the car boot or garage. The Players 4Plus StaDry ticks a lot of boxes.

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