Adidas ZG21 Shoe

The adidas ZG21 shoe is one of the products featured on our Editor’s Choice list

adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes
(Image credit: Adidas)

The adidas ZG21 shoe is one of the products featured on our Editor’s Choice list in 2021

Adidas ZG21 Shoe

Two years in the making and based on feedback from golfers, adidas has designed the ZG21, an extremely lightweight and comfortable product that is easily one of the best golf shoes of 2021.

Inspired by Formula 1 cars, the purpose of this high-performance spiked offering is to fill a supposed gap in the market for golfers with an increasing appetite to walk 18 holes.

The ‘ZG’ in the name is to represent ‘Zero Gravity’ or the feeling of weightlessness and at just 13 ounces, we can testify that it provides exactly that - backed up in our full review. It’s one of the lightest spiked golf shoes available, which also makes it ideal for those who value their walking experience above all else.

Adidas ZG21 Shoes

Lightweight Construction

Golfers will really enjoy the lightweight feeling and the soft underfoot cushioning that comes from the new Lightstrike cushioning as well as the brand’s Boost technology, which delivers the same kind of shock absorption and quick recovery that’s been used in other, more high-impact sports.

Another performance aspect we enjoyed was the grip on offer. This is provided for by adidas’ new outsole that features six specifically placed cleats that deliver maximum traction where it’s needed most.

We also really felt the benefits of the Ultra-Light Stability Fin midsole insert that gave a ‘locked-in’ feeling, allowing us to swing with confidence, knowing the shoe would support our every move.

The new Sprintskin synthetic upper is fully waterproof, with recycled materials used in the construction process as part of the brand’s efforts to end plastic waste.

And if you’re looking to add some flair to your outfit, adidas continues to provide golfers with that opportunity. While not immediately to our liking, the style grows on you, and for those who favour a more traditional design, there are a couple of ‘safe’ colour options.

There are also BOA models in the men’s and women’s line-up, which adidas say provide an even higher level of fit and performance, as well as simplified lacing options for juniors.

So, if you are in the market for an extremely well-rounded and high-performance golf shoe, don’t overlook the ZG21.

Adidas ZG21 Shoes

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