The Shot Scope V3 GPS watch is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list for 2021

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch

Shot Scope’s V3 is not your average GPS watch, as we found out when we tested it for our full review. Yes, it provides important yardages to help with course strategy, but its main feature is shot tracking and this is what makes it one of the best devices out there.

Shot Scope V3 Golf GPS Watch And Tracker

Seamless Shot Tracking

The V3 comes with 16 tracking tags that screw into the top of your clubs. In GPS + Performance Tracking mode, the watch will automatically detect shot locations during a round using these tags. With the PinCollect feature, golfers can input the pin position by touching a button when they retrieve their ball from the hole, allowing for enhanced statistics about their approach play and short game.

It might sound complex, but it’s actually really simple. The tracking occurs automatically; your only job is to hit the PinCollect button, and after a couple of rounds this task becomes second nature.

Analyse Your Performance

It’s then a case of exploring your data, and this is where the V3 comes into its own. See how far you’re hitting your 7-iron, which club you’re most effective with at getting it up and down or where your misses tend to be. You can analyse your strengths and weaknesses post-round using the free app, then devise your own improvement plan accordingly to unlock lower scores.

The addition of Strokes Gained to the analysis dashboard further enhances the appeal. Users can review backdated ‘strokes gained’ data for all facets of their game to see how they compare with a tour pro and will soon be able to benchmark their performance against golfers of a similar handicap

Unlike a lot of pros, club golfers don’t have their own performance analyst, but this is exactly what the V3 is. It’s a terrific piece of kit and one that can undoubtedly help golfers of all levels improve. With further updates planned (free to existing users), the V3 has taken shot tracking to a new level.

Shot Scope V3 Golf GPS Watch And Tracker