Ping Hoofer Monsoon Stand Bag 

The Ping Hoofer Monsoon stand bag has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021

Ping Hoofer Monsoon Bag
(Image credit: Ping)

The Ping Hoofer Monsoon stand bag has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021

Ping Hoofer Monsoon Stand Bag 

Ping has set the standard for golf bags over the last 30 years and the Hoofer has become an iconic moniker within the golf bag market.

The latest offering in the Hoofer range has seen Ping create a refined waterproof, lightweight and spacious golf bag, making it one of the best waterproof golf bags on the market. 

The Hoofer Monsoon has a spacious 5-way top giving more than enough space for a full set of 14 while not being so large that half a set clunks around in the bag too much.

Ping Hoofer Monsoon Stand Bag

There are two full-length dividers that stop club crowding in the bottom of the bag meaning an end to two or three clubs coming out of the bag when you’re just trying to get one. 

The top is also reinforced and comes with a well placed grab handle, making it easy to manoeuvre while protecting your clubs as you walk around the course and take them in and out of the car. 

Six pockets, four of which are seam sealed for maximum waterproof protection, provide ample storage, allowing you to fill this bag to the brim for an important 18 hole competition, or just carry a handful of balls and a drink if you are playing a quick 9 holes in the evening.

The four seam sealed pockets are housed by rubberised, over-moulded zipper pulls meaning they can be easily opened with minimal resistance with one hand. 

Supportive and comfortable carry

The best part about the Hoofer Monsoon is the strap, which Ping have added some excellent new features to.

It is now easy to adjust the strap from a double, backpack-like strap into a single strap if that is your carrying preference.

The strap is also easily adjustable on the move so you can find just the right fit depending on how much is in the bag on a particular day. 

Overall, this is a sturdy and well thought out carry bag that can be used in a number of different situations. As comfortable holding a half set as it is a full set and more, the Ping Hoofer Monsoon is a great waterproof and lightweight golf bag. 

Ping Hoofer Monsoon Stand Bag

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