So you’ve managed your miss well and left the ball in the perfect spot off the green. A simple chip and run shot will salvage your par and keep the momentum of your round going. Use the tips below to visualise and execute one of the most important shots in the game.

Correct shot selection around the greens is essential. The first thing to do when you get to your ball is assess the lie, and decide what type of technique you’re going to employ.

Is it a good lie that will let you pick it off the surface, or are you going to need to chop down on it a little bit if it’s sitting down?

The next thing to do is assess how far you’ve got to carry the ball onto the green to where you can get it rolling like a putt as soon as possible.

The key here is at set-up, where I am trying to get the heel of the club off the ground. This makes the lie angle much steeper, and so to adjust for this you need to make a slight change to your grip.

The club should sit more in the pad of your left hand – more like a putting grip. This will remove a little bit of tension in the hands, allowing for more of a flowing stroke.

The swing itself needs to be slow and soft. Feel as though the weight of the club is bringing it back to the ball through impact, skimming the surface. As you stand over the ball, concentrate on keeping your lower body nice and stable.

Lesson checklist

  • Stand closer to the ball to set the heel of the club off the ground
  • Adopt a putting grip
  • Make a slow, soft swing