Synchronised putting stroke

Golf Monthly top 25 coach Neil Plimmer explains how to grain a solid putting stroke

Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Keith Williams explains how to make a synchronised putting stroke

Synchronised Putting Stroke


Your distance control is erratic

You don't hole enough 12-footers


The quality of the strike is just as crucial when you are putting as it is with any other club in your bag. If you are striking putts from the toe or heel, the weak roll that follows will prevent you from getting the distance and accuracy right. So to help, I want you to check that your arms are working with your body. If you get yourself into the correct set-up position, your elbows will be tucked next to your rib cage. This is exactly what you need to get your ams working with your body for a far more solid stroke.

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Some coaches like to promote a rocking of the shoulders to create the momentum but I don't like this as it disconnects the arms from the body. Instead, your rib cage rotates around your spine and that's why it is important to tuck your elbows into your midriff. This is where putting consistency will come from. It should certainly help you strike your putts more consistently - crucial for good longer range distance control.

Striking drill Here a superb quick drill to help with the quality of your strikes on teh green. Place two tee pegs in the ground just wider than your putter and two tee pegs a foot closer to the hole, just wider than the ball. Being able to hit a series of putts without your putter or the ball striking a tee is a great way to hone your stroke. It's harder than you think but the good news is that when you get to the course, the hole will look alot bigger and your condience should rise. This is a great drill to use just before you go out to play in competition.


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