– You lack distance control, especially under pressure
– Your stroke feels too mechanical

Fix: Rhythm Putting Drill

Putting is a game of feel and that’s why it is so important that your stroke has a good, fluid rhythm. Under pressure, as we naturally search for control, the stroke can easily become rather stilted and jerky. A great drill that Tiger Woods often uses to help him in this regard is to make some swings (he hits putts in practice) with just one hand on the club. You can use one hand as you make a practice swing before you putt on the course for real. What this does is let the momentum of the head control the flow of the stroke. You’ll also find that you get an effortless release of the putter head through the impact area. One small word of caution: as you make your one-handed swings, make sure your shoulders don’t open by placing your left hand on your thigh.