What Is The Right Ball Position For Hybrids?

Golf coach Andrew Jones looks at the ideal ball position to help you get the most out of your hybrids

ball position for hybrids

Golf coach Andrew Jones looks at the ideal ball position to help you get the most out of your hybrids

What Is The Right Ball Position For Hybrids?

The hybrid has become one of the most versatile clubs a golfer can carry in their bag, providing an ideal alternative for people who don't like looking down at a long iron but also struggle to judge the strike of a fairway wood.

However, they are not just designed for high handicappers or those who need some help getting the ball in the air. Some of the best golf hybrid clubs have been used by the likes of Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy to devastating effect.

As the name suggests, it's a club that sits somewhere between a fairway wood and a long iron, so working out the right ball position for hybrids can be confusing. Luckily, there isn't one correct answer.

First and foremost, it depends on the lie and the shot you're trying to play. If you're in the middle of the fairway looking to land the ball softly to a tucked pin, you want it forward in your stance so you can sweep it off the turf.

And if the ball is sitting down somewhat or you need to lower the trajectory into a wind, then you'd play it more like an iron and shift it back slightly.

To play the high shot, set up like you would to a fairway wood. The ball should almost be in line with your left heel (right for left-handers) and the weight should remain fairly central. A slight tilt back with your upper body at address will also help promote a cleaner strike for optimal height.

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Tinker around with this slightly until you find the set-up that works for you. But don't stop there. Your hybrid is designed to be used from a range of lies and if the ball is sitting down, you need to switch to iron mode.

Move it into the centre of your stance so that your hands are a fraction ahead of the ball - this will help you create more of a downward strike for greater compression at impact. You can even move your weight slightly forward at address to further encourage this feeling.

Imagine you're hitting an iron and don't be afraid to take a divot. It's how some of the world's best play shots like this.

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Basically, due to the highly forgiving and versatile nature of the hybrid, you want to tailor your set-up to the shot you want to play. If sitting up, set a powerful base and take advantage of the club's characteristics that promote high launch.

And if you need to flight it down a little to escape a precarious situation or hold something up into the wind, move the ball back slightly and work on compressing it a little more.

As always, practice both of these methods at the range so you've got the shot on demand when you need it on the course.


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