Angle of attack golf tips

Golf Monthly top 25 coach John Jacobs explains the correct angle of attack

Golf Monthly top 25 coach John Jacobs offers his angle of attack golf tips to help you strike your shots better, more accurately and with more power!


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Fix: Angle of Attack Golf Tips

Angle of attack is a crucial element in the golf swing. The general rule is that the longer the club, the shallower the angle of attack should be. However, if you were looking to hit a punch, you can change the angle of attack to alter the flight. You need to set the correct ball position to find the right angle of attack but it's also worth trying the drill below as this helps not only your angle of attack but also your swing path through impact.

Coaches often talk about the importance of having an in-to-out swing path through impact, but knowing what the correct path is and doing it are too very different things. That's why I find this drill often helps. Place two alignment sticks on the ground - one for your body alignment, which is exactly square to your target line, and the other at an angle, aiming to the right. Make sure your club is still pointing at the target (and your body is square to the target line).

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The stick that is pointing right is there to illustrate what an in-to-out swing path looks like through impact. Try to drive the club along this line through the ball. As long as the face is square at impact, you'll produce a powerful draw. This drill is a great way to stop yourself from coming ‘over the top', the main cause of pulls and slices.


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