Why ball position is so important in golf

Golf Monthly top 25 coach Barney Puttick explains the basics of ball position

ball position basics
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Golf Monthly top 25 coach Barney Puttick explains the ball position basics to help you create the perfect angle of attack for better strikes and flights!

Why ball position is so important in golf

The simple rule about ball position is this: the longer the club, the further forward in your stance the ball should be at address. However, for consistently good strikes, your ball position needs to be correct in relation to where your upper body is set. This is the key - don't think about ball position on its own. Think about it in conjunction with your sternum and you'll be in a much better position to get it right.

If you have been asking yourself why do I pull I shots, this piece explains how it relates to ball position- it explains perfectly why your ball position could be to blame.

Driver: I find the following method of checking extremely helpful. With a driver, set the ball just inside your left heel, so that it's level with the inside of your left arm. With the middle of your chest behind the ball, you should be able to strike the ball on the ideal ‘upward' angle. If you are looking for ways to fix your slice, use this as your first checkpoint.

Irons: The shaft of a mid-iron is shorter, so the ball position needs to come back - it should sit in line with the logo on your shirt or jumper.

Wedges: Finally, with your wedges, set the ball in line with your shirt buttons. This will ensure you find a crisp contact every time.

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The basic principle is that the longer the shaft of the club, the further forward it needs to be in your stance. Ball position and angle of attack are directly related and that explains why ball position is so important in golf, get the position of the ball right and you'll deliver the club as it was intended through impact. Not only will this help the quality of your striking, it will also help your power and accuracy as well. All in all, this is well worth paying attention to in practice


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