what is 'connection' in the golf swing

In this exclusive video Paul Foston asks what 'connection' is in the golf swing and how understanding it can improve your consistency

What is ‘connection’ in the golf swing?

When golf coaches or commentators refer to connection in the golf swing, what they are talking about is how the flowing motion of the arms works with the rotation of your body. A well-connected golf swing creates effortless power and will deliver the club back square to the ball much more consistently.

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As always, it all starts at address. When you stand over the ball there should be a perfect ‘v’ shape made between your hands and arms. If your hands are ahead or behind your sternum, you’ll break the ‘v’ and find it difficult to make a connected swing.

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As you take the club back you should aim to maintain that shape. When you hinge your wrists halfway through the backswing your hands should still be pointing at your sternum – this is a good checkpoint to have in mind. From this position, continue to let your arms swing and body rotation work in harmony. The ‘v’ shape is still in tact through impact as you powerfully drive your weight towards the target. In the finish position, again, both your chest and arms should be facing the target.

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One of the biggest traps to avoid is when the arms move without any rotation from the body. It feels as if you are making a big swing but you will struggle to find any true power. Remember, a shorter swing that is well connected will deliver much more power. And control!