Tour Swing Path Drills

Benjamin Herbert – Swinglyde Training Aid

Do you know where your clubface is aiming at the top of your backswing? Benjamin Herbert uses this training aid to ensure his wrists are set correctly at the top. This is all about finding a technique that is as simple and easy to repeat as possible. With your wrists correctly set at the top you can swing the club down on the correct path, release your wrist angle and find a powerful, accurate strike.

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Oliver Fisher – Strike Pattern Dill

By creating a channel using two alignment sticks just wider than his clubhead, Oliver Fisher is able to check both the quality of his strike and the path of his swing through impact. If the club was moving too much either inside or outside the orthodox line, he would strike one of the alignment sticks. These two sticks also act as a visual guide to help him make centred strikes more consistently. It’s one of the most simple tour swing path drills but a good one!

Branden Grace – Two-Ball Takeaway Drill

Starting your swing on the correct path and at a smooth tempo is surely the best way to ensure the rest of it is working effectively. Branden Grace checks these elements by placing a second ball behind his clubhead at address. He is simply aiming to sweep this ball directly on a line away from his target. The ball should also roll smoothly away. If you can get these two keys grooved into your technique, the swing that follows is likely to be a better one. It is one of the classic tour player swing path drills and one that has served many players well over the years.

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Rikard Karlberg – Glove Drill

Establishing a solid connection between your upper body and your arms in the golf swing will help you hit more consistent shots. Rikard Karlberg does this by placing gloves under each arm. The aim is to swing through without them dropping to the ground. This is a great drill if you are really struggling for accuracy.

Rikard Karlberg – Swing Path Drill

Karlberg also uses a shaft in the ground to check his swing path. This is one of the classic tour swing path drills and the angle of the shaft is designed to replicate the path the club needs to work on both back and through. If the club comes into contact with the shaft, it means he is underneath the ideal plane.

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Kristoffer Broberg – Two line drill

Broberg uses the same drill as Karlberg but crucially, he has two alignment sticks in the ground. This is to ensure the neither his hands or the clubhead work inside the correct plane. If you have a tendency to whip the club away on the inside, give this one a go, it will really help!