Ian Poulter Video Lesson: From the rough

With the ball sitting down in the rough, you know it isn’t coming out perfectly. But there is a way to play it to get up towards the green… In this instance I have just over 200 yards so my hybrid is the ideal option but I need to make some simple changes to try and get the strike spot on. Here’s how I play this particular shot.

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To find the strike you need in this scenario, I make a few changes to my address position. I aim slightly further left with my feet and I add loft to the club by opening the face just a little. That obviously gives you more loft but I find that it also helps the ball jump out of the rough. So it is basically a cut swing shot that you’re looking to play. Again, like with the bunker shot, I’m trying to hit down on the ball through impact for a clean strike. As you make contact, the grass gets trapped between the clubface and the ball and it jumps, giving you great distance and you might even just get the ball to the green. Obviously, you are not going to have quite as much control when the ball hits the ground so aim to run this one into the flag if you can. If if you don’t get it quite right, this technique should get you up there somewhere near the green. From there, you’ve got a great chance of saving your par. Give this a try the next time you practice, its the best way to hit a hybrid from the rough.