Get Your Game In Shape With The Orange Whip Golf Trainer

In a game as intricate as golf, it’s wise to keep swing thoughts to a minimum as having a list of positions you want to achieve while trying to actually hit a ball is usually a recipe for disaster. One of the best ways to stamp out bad habits is to add plenty of ‘no-ball practise’ into your training.

The moment we throw that dimply round thing into the equation all hell breaks loose and we just resort to what we know best (worst), which is a return to old patterns. For that reason, it’s great when a new golf training aid hits the market that does the thinking for you while delivering feels that’ll enhance your game.

The orange whip is a fantastic bit of kit and one PGA professional Katie Dawkins believes will provide countless benefits to the recreational golfers out there.

Originally designed as a golf fitness tool it’s available in a few different lengths – I use the mid-size one with the ladies and seniors I coach.

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The instability of it immediately invites you to adopt an athletic posture, something so many golfers fail to do. In that ready-to-run pose you hover the weapon above the ground and start to gently gather momentum, swinging it back and through.

Practising with the orange whip is a great way to improve your physical and mental game

What you’ll find is that it actually swings you and really whips you through to a fuller finish than you might be familiar with.

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And not only is it brilliant for gaining length in your follow-through, but it also promotes the feeling of gathering the ball through impact, rather than hitting. This is a more desirable and consistent swing feeling to develop.

I use the orange whip a lot with my pupils who are new to the game but I also highly recommend it as a warm-up and practice aid, even for those who’ve been playing for years.

A few sessions will have you feeling the power and unleashing it the next time you’re on the course, perhaps with a few less swing thoughts than you had before.