what is casting in the golf swing

In this exclusive video, Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Paul Foston asks what is casting in the golf swing and offers a simple explanation for how to cure the problem!

What is casting in the golf swing?

Casting is a term you often hear coaches and commentators refer to but what exactly does it mean? Well, if you are casting the club, it means you are losing the angle in your wrists too early in the downswing. To understand exactly what we are talking about here and why it’s a problem, we need to go back to the start of the golf swing.

As you take the club back, a few feet into the arc of the swing your wrists will naturally begin to cock. Get this part right and the club will work on plane during the swing and you’ll create a crucial power source to be used later. The angle in your wrists remains as you rotate your body to complete the backswing.

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The sequence through the downswing begins as you move your weight towards the target, then unwind your body and finally allow the angle in your wrists to go – this is the release. It is this release of the angle in your wrists that creates an injection of speed through impact for a sweet strike and easy power.

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If you are casting the club at the start of the downswing, you are injecting essential speed too early and the club will actually begin to slow down through the striking zone - you might also start to catch shots slightly fat. Casting is a move that no powerful player makes. Instead, from the top of the backswing, work on getting the correct sequence of moves – let your weight move towards the target, unwind your body and let your arms drop into position. Finally, feel the release come last. This should add power and accuracy to your ball striking.